Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My schism hurts.

As most of you know, every once in awhile we have guest writers here at Cold Omaha. They have to be good and they have to know their stuff. We have one of those guests today. We’ll call him Harry because that’s his name. Here’s what he says about the Vikings…

"I’m sorry after that performance last night I just have to vent about the Vikes. What a bunch of shit, they were terrible. Basically what happened last night is a clearly inferior team with a 3rd rate QB basically said we are going to line up punch you in the mouth, see if you can stop us.

It looks like they’ve become a pass first team in their losses Peterson only attempted to run the ball 12 times. They gave up on the run in the beginning of the 2nd half despite only being down 10 to AZ and WINNING by 1 pt. Why?

I think we’d all agree that if Favres attempts would be in the lower 20s that would be optimal. Since week 7 he’s thrown the ball 50, 28,29,25,48,45,30,27 he also threw the ball 46x in week 3. Too many times.

I think teams are basically daring the Vikings to beat them with the run. Now you see teams dropping 8 into coverage because they’re not being kept honest. I don’t care if you are getting stuffed, we stuffed Carolina a bunch but they didn’t give up and they eventually ended up breaking us down and making us 1 dimensional. We’re not converting on 3rd down anyways so why not run it?

The safeties are awful. Tyrell Johnson is just a waste of space. Seriously put Jamarca Sanford in, he couldn’t be much worse. Madieu Williams can’t cover for shit. 3rd and 26 and you let Steve Smith get behind you when you are playing a cover 2 shell? Come on dude it’s not that hard.

Childress wants to bench Favre? Wtf dude? That’s your baby, what kind of message are you sending by doing that? I still don’t think giving Chilly a contract extension was a good idea. Probably gave him a big head and now he thinks he’s an elite coach.

I feel like I am watching the offensive line fall apart right in front of my eyes. Even in the win against the Bengals they weren’t that good. Hutch makes too much money to be that bad. I know McKinnie was god awful last night but bringing in Artis Hicks isn’t going to solve any problems. If they don’t get their Oline fixed come playoff time; don’t even show up, forfeit and save me the heartache.

Hard for me to rip on Brinkley too much because he’s a rookie but it looks like the Panthers went right at him and he looked in over his head a couple times. Same with Winfield, I can’t rip the guy to much for all the good plays he does make but he just got abused by Steve Smith last night with zero help from the safeties as usual. There is no way Matt Moore should have 3TD against you.

Not enough pressure from the D-line against 2 backup offensive tackles, not much else to say in that department. Even Longwell was off, I know you can’t expect him to make everything but he normally makes those."

And you know what? Harry is right on with everything he says. The part that drives me insane in all of this is that Brad Childress should not tell Brett Favre to come out of a game unless Brett is injured, dead, or tells him that he wants to come out. I trust Brett more than I trust Chilli.

Do I sound like a Packer fan from 1997? Probably – but maybe that’s what Brett makes you do. He makes you believe in him. I want to believe. So does Harry. We all do.

Now let’s go win two more games, get the bye, and crush the Eagles in the second round.