Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank heaven for number 7?

We had to take a little break from the website -- the Twins latest first-round loss left us more than a little bitter. Sorry for the absence...I know we were missed.

A few things have happened over the last week or two -- Tim Brewster finally got canned, the Yankees finally lost in the playoffs, and Tarvaris Jackson might be the new starting quarterback for your Minnesota Vikings.

Wait, what?

Yup. For sure T-Jack could start on Sunday. Brett Favre has two broken bones in his ankle, a billion interceptions, and the head coach can't stand him. That seems like three pretty decent reasons to let Jackson get (another) chance at running this team.

Honestly? We like the idea of Jackson getting another shot. Why not? At this point he can't look worse than Favre has this year.

Friday, October 8, 2010

No room for argument, stick a fork in the Twins.

The Twins lost to the Yankees again last night. The final score doesn't matter -- I think it was 5-2. Ron Gardenhire got thrown out of another game. He does this a lot. It is getting old. He is a good manager, I really believe this. I think he knows what he is doing. But when it comes to the playoffs, I don't have much faith that this guy can win a series.

Remember when the Wolves were in the playoffs and they lost every year in the first round? That's the Twins now. And Gardy is Flip Saunders. For whatever reason, the postseason comes around and this team reverts back to all of their flaws instead of turning it up and playing better. I am tired of it. The worst part is, fans really can't even be upset at this point - is anyone surprised the Yankees are doing this to us again? No. Not at all.

So, Saturday night will come around and the Twins might even actually put up a fight. Hell, they could win that game. But they won't win the series. They can't beat this team two in a row, much less win the next three.

Start preparing for next year. It will look a lot like this year, the Twins will win at least 85 games again, probably win the AL Central again and then probably sputter in the playoffs. We will be watching. But the "when will the other shoe drop" mentality we take into every Vikings season is slowly creeping into our thoughts whenever the Twins make the postseason.

Gardy can argue and yell at umpire Hunter Wendelstedt all he wants. But you shouldn't blame the umpires for bad calls when your team is clearly over-matched and playing uninspired baseball. It makes him look like an idiot.

Many Twins fans believed this team had a chance in this series, so what does that make us? Don't answer that.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome home Randy Moss.

The deal is done. Randy Moss is going to be a Viking again -- and the Vikings are again a playoff contender.

Are we excited? Nope. We are giddy. Having Randy Moss back on this team immediately makes us better. It gives Brett Favre a weapon in the passing game and probably even more importantly, it gets Brett Favre invested in this team again.

Let's face it - he's not happy. None of us are happy with this team. But if you can't get excited about coming to work every day with Moss on the other end of your spirals, you can't get excited about anything.

Wow. Just wow. The Twins start a playoff series against the Yankees tonight at Target Field. The Twins have a legitimate chance at not only winning this series, but winning the ALCS and World Series as well.

And we can't stop thinking about the Vikings and the Favre to Moss possibilities. Very cool.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Okay...calm down. The Twins will be fine.

The Twins got destroyed again last night -- this time the Blue Jays racked up 13 runs while clobbering 6 dingers at Target Field. Some people are starting to panic, but we are confident the Twins will be able to flip a switch over the weekend and get this thing turned around.

In fact, with Carl Pavano going tonight and Brian Duensing throwing tomorrow, we think things will turn around right now. Sunday could be a long afternoon for the boys as Gardy will most likely throw out the scrubs and let them play, but Friday and Saturday should be a nice tune-up for the playoffs. If things don't go well on Saturday. Well...panic.

The Twins got some good news about Justin Morneau. He said he should be back if the Twins make it to the ALCS. Some bloggers and other experts were speculating that having Morneau come back to the team in the playoffs could somehow be a bad thing, but there really is no downside to having Morneau come back. Well, that's not true. The downside is Justin will choose to wear the new Rawlings S100 batting helmet -- the same helmet David Wright is wearing in the pic to the left. Its huge. Its uncomfortable. And Wright actually chose to stop wearing it because he felt like a bobble-head doll.

We say it doesn't matter how you look, but how you swing the bat. If Morneau feels safer wearing that giant thing, more power to him.

Yankees....Rays.....we don't care. The Twins will be fine. Morneau is coming back, Mauer should be healthy, Delmon Young didn't put all of the weight back on, and the starting pitchers should be rested and ready.

What could possibly go wrong?